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What is Elite Parts Group?
Elite Parts Group is a marketing service for new car dealership parts departments and automotive parts suppliers.
Why should I use Elite Parts Group?
To gain exposure in the marketplace, increase wholesale parts sales, customer base, customer retention and help regain lost accounts. This program is geared to dealers and suppliers who are committed to wholesale.
What areas does Elite Parts Group cover?
We will market for your company throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metro area as well as North Texas, West Texas, East Texas, Central Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.
How many Elite Parts Group representatives market for me?
We currently have two representatives; one calling on the Dallas Fort Worth metro area and the other calling on the Regional area located outside Dallas Fort Worth.
Will Elite Parts Group represent and market for more than one identical car make at the same time?
No, if we are marketing for you we will not be marketing for your competitor.
What kind of shops do you call on?
We contact body shops and large mechanical repair shops.
How many shops do you call on per month?
This can vary due to weather, holidays and the length of the month but usually we contact 300 to 400 repair shops per month.
Will Elite Parts Group hand out my own marketing material?
Yes, we would be glad to hand deliver any marketing material you may have.
Does Elite Parts Group provide any marketing material to the shop?
Yes, we give each shop a line card showing each dealer and supplier that we market for showing company name, phone numbers, brand logo and contact names.
How do I know what shops Elite Parts Group has called on?
We provide a contact report that is emailed out to you each week. The report shows the company name, address, phone numbers and the person we talked to for the week.
Will Elite Parts Group do collections for me?
We prefer not to take on the role of a collector and confuse the shops of our purpose for contacting them. However, we will talk to them under certain circumstances.
Will Elite Parts Group make deliveries for me?
Only under emergency situations, time we spend making deliveries for you is time taken away from marketing for the rest of our customers.
If I have a shop that I would like for you to call on, can you do that?
Yes, provided it is a shop within our marketing area.
How long before I can expect to see results?
Sometimes you will see results in the first month but usually it takes approximately 90 to 120 days and several visits with the repair shops to build the relationships.
Is there a contract and if so, how long are the terms?
We do require a contract which is a standard business practice. There is no long term commitment just a 30 day cancellation notice.
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